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    Arrow Unanswered: Using Pervasive Btrieve API

    I have been trying to work with the Btrieve API to connect their “DEMODATA” database.
    With the Pervasive Control Center [PCC] I can connect to the DEMODATA as shown in the attached illustration using ODBC.

    I want to set up the Btrieve API to do the same thing using API instead of ODBC. I have the API installed at C:\pvsw\sdk\ Ints

    How do I get Delphi or C builder to connect to this DEMODATA?

    Note: --I’m using Delphi’s C ++ Builder 2009

    Thanks in advance for any help that might be offered.


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    Btrieve doesn't use SQL statements.
    If you want to open files in Btrieve API, you have to specify the file name on the Open call. You can also use the URI to specify the table name or filename.

    The samples in the INTF directory for the language (C or Delphi) should give you a basic idea of how to connect, retrieve, and insert data.

    If you have specific questions, please feel free to post them.
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