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    Unanswered: Automating a report to produce a report or email,


    I'm getting savvy at creating batch files from the command prompt. I have a query tool I use to pull information down through an ODBC connection from our vendor's database. I have placed several batch jobs into the windows scheduler. These jobs run, and the output is linked to a table in MS Access. I have built a query that takes the "max" information from the output of the batch file because it just appends all new data to the csv location. All this works, and gives me what I need.

    Here is where I get stuck. I want to create a report that will either save out to the shared network drive, or attach a report to an email and send every time the query is updated with new information (probably monthly).

    The purpose here is to automate this report all together. I don't want to have to create a macro button to build the report, and have to remember to run it or send it.

    Anyone have any thoughts???

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    I want to create a database that will either save out to the shared network drive or attach a report to an email and send as soon as the database is opened. I then want to launch this database from my savvy batch files.


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    Maybe try using scheduled tasks in Windows;

    How To Schedule Tasks in Windows XP
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    I'm familiar with task scheduler. I will ultimately use it to run the reports, but seems like there would probably be some sort of code that I would need to add stating "when value in report changes....produce report." That is what I'm trying to get at. Currently I use the scheduler to run the batch files (sql statements).

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