I have an old dos program that uses .dbf database files to store information. I now need to add info to these .dbf files in much larger quantity than when the dos program was current. I do not have the ability to change the dos program.

I would like to link these table in Access and just create an access front end to dump the data into the .dbf tables. I have successfully gotten Access to dump the info into the linked .dbf table, but the data is then not visible in the dos program. I believe it is because Access is not updating the .nsx index files that are associated with these tables. I downloaded a program called apollo lite that that will reindex the .nsx file manually, which then allows the data to become visible in the dos program.

Is there a way to get the same end result using just access and doing it on the fly rather than having to manually reindex all the tables with an additional program?

I probably should also mention that when I create the link to the .dbf table, Access does not give me an option to associate it with an index file as stated in the Access Help file.