Hello All,

I have installed ASE 15.0 and RS 15.0 on same server A.
Also i have installed ASE 12.5 and RS 15.0 on another server B.

All ini entries are properly entered and all servers are pinging from every server.
Both RSSD are in server A i.e. on ASE 15.0

Now the problem is:
I want to replicate the data from data server B to data server A.
When i tried to create new route through server B to server A, it shows the error as:
'rs_databases' system table is corrupt.

I have executed dbcc checkdb and checktable commands on both RSSD.
It does not shows any corruption on it.

Please let me know if any one faced such problem?
What will be the solution of it? Is there any other way to replicate this data?

Waiting for reply..

Thanks & Regards