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    Question Unanswered: MySQL Heavy Uploads

    Hi All,

    Does anybody know how to upload heavy data (sql queries) to MySql database.
    Heavy like more than 100mb?

    PhpMyAdmin allows some particular amount like 30mb or so.

    What is any good solution?

    Pls help.


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    If you have command line access to your server you can use:

    To take backup:-
    shell> mysqldump --quick db_name | gzip > db_name.gz

    To Restore:-
    shell> mysqladmin create db_name
    shell> gunzip < db_name.gz | mysql db_name

    This process is very fast otherwise you will have to modify php.ini file on server to increase value of parameters "max_upload_size" & "max_execution_time", also you may have to edit configuration file of phpmyadmin.

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