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    Unanswered: How/Can I import data or open a form from ASP to input Data

    I hope the question in the title wasn't too ambiguous.

    Now I have a few issue actually that seem insurmountable. I am fairly new to ASP and databases as a rule and my coworker is even newer.

    We have a ticketing system for customer issues that will only allow us to report in .csv format. We have created a data base that when we import the CSV file it will compare it to one that was omported previously and tell us the differences in the two snapshots (i.e. how many tickets were worked how many are new and so on)

    Next I have an ASP webform that pulls that information out of the database we created asks for some additional information then generates a nice pretty email and sends it off to people that need to know all this information.

    The issues we are running into are when we try and streamline the process for the employees that are filling it out. No matter what the only information I can get out of the ticket queue will be in CSV.

    What I am looking for is a way to either use ASP to get the information into the database from the CSV file without requireing the user to manually open the database after generating the report to click the import button. Another option I have thought about is allowing the user to click a button from the ASP form to open the import dialog in the data base so that the user can hit the import button and then refresh the webpage to get the updated information.

    Alternatively is it possible to have the ASP form actually be a part of the database w/o haveing to rebuild this complicated form in the database. I suppose it is possible to move a lot if not all of the import code into the ASP but that is something I would really like to avoid because it would be a mess.

    Currently a user generates the report to csv then opens the database clicks on import then opens the webform to finish filling it out and send.

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    What type of database are you using? You should just need to create an ODBC connection to it and then insert the information into it from your ASP pages.

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