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    Angry Unanswered: LaserJet print drivers and Paradox 8

    We use Paradox 8. Until recently the only printer that would print Paradox reporst with the grid lines was a LaserJet 4 printer. Recently our computer technicial had to re-install that printer - now it does not print the grid lines - I assume because he installed a new print driver that is not supported by Paradox 8.

    Any sugestions on a fix - should I try to roll back to an earlieer print driver (he probably just used whichever one was in the Windows XP program or the small office server program)

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    old laser jet printers usually had defaults that you'd set up in the menu and/or you'd set up with "setup strings" in the report.. my guess is that whetever default you need for the grid lines is in a menu selection right now, that hasn't been set, or it would still work..

    and, just so you know, anything that is set in those menus can be set in the "setup strings" too, but that requires changing the report specs..
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