PHPLicengine is a licensing and distribution system for developers. License keys can be checked remotely and locally. Remote license keys are on your own webserver and will be checked by your software user's website remotely. This is not a license file that your clients can hack or alter. You will be able to disable the license on your website and your software will cease working on your user's website remotely. You can choose local license files too. Your PHP software can be licensed to domain name, IP, MAC address, expiry date, and up to 5 optional key/value pairs and you can also force your footer link to be shown on your software. PHPLicengine issues invoices to your clients to renew licenses and you can use it for billing management and client management. It includes language files and customizable templates for client area. Your clients will not have access to download your product when their order expires.


  • Remote / Local / ionCube Licensing
  • Enable / Disable Licenses Remotely
  • Ability to add optional key/value pairs to licenses
  • Shopping Cart for softwares
  • Client Manager
  • Billing Manager
  • Customizable Client Area
  • 100% easy to integrate with your software
  • Ability to show / hide footer link with licenses

How my free license works?

Free PHPLicengine license is limited to up 20 licenses or 20 orders that never expires. When you got 20 licenses or 20 orders, your cart.php will cease working showing a message that you are not accepting new orders at this time. Your current orders continue working still. This allows you time to update your free license to unlimited license. If you get more than 20 licenses or 20 orders the whole system cease working.

With unlimited license, you may have unlimited amount of licenses and orders that never expires. It costs only $89.99 one time. Unlimited license includes one year support/update. After first year, there is an optional yearly support/update fee which costs $69.99.

Website: PHPLicengine - Professional License Solutions
Support Forums: PHPLicengine Forums