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    Lightbulb Need ideas on "Boat DB"

    Hello everyone

    I have a project and i chosed to make a database about boats (boat sell or rental or both i didnt choose yet)
    Well now i need ideas about how to do it, i don't know how these services work so maybe i got few ideas please?

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    here's an idea for how to approach this project --

    first, decide what data items you're going to store in the database -- boat name, owner name, boat location, etc.

    second, allocate the data items to tables, taking into account the rules for normalization up to at least 3NF

    then, write some application code that will insert, update, and delete the data in your tables

    finally, write one or more queries that will pull information out of the tables and present it meaningfully to users

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    Thanks for the advices
    Actually I think I have to do only your first 2 steps
    Plus I'm working in Access 07 so I guess i dont need any code :P
    And the queries will be for later in the project, i didnt learn that yet

    So.. do you think is better to make a rental or a selling shop?

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