Dear all
I complete sql server 2008 development study. and I prepare to pass MS exam MCTS. but some point missed of Exam requirement.
so I need some tutorial or any another solution which cover the following sql server 2008 topics
it's an eager, urgent want

Planning Indexes
Creating Indexes
Optimizing Indexes
Implementing Constraints
Implementing Triggers
Using the XML Data Type
Retrieving XML by Using FOR XML
Shredding XML by Using OPENXML
Introducing XQuery
Creating XML Indexes
Implementing XML Schemas
Introduction to the SQL Server Common Language Runtime
Importing and Configuring Assemblies
Creating Managed Database Objects
Overview of Transactions and Locks
Managing Transactions
Understanding SQL Server Locking Architecture
Managing Locks
Service Broker Overview
Creating Service Broker Objects
Sending and Receiving Messages
you can give me a help for some or one of them
any information will be very useful
If it's to hard you can suggeste me another way
Best Regards
Khaled Elwakeel