Hey there everyone. This is my first post on the dBforums and I hope I'm asking in the correct section

Ok, let me start by saying that I'm not a coder. Not by any stretch of the imagination, I dabbled a bit with this and that, and I have common sense, but thats really about as far as I go.

For my project, I'm looking to start a 'film review' website. I've designed my template, got a working PHP search working and im now looking to setup a content management system.

I'm thinking it should be something like a BLOG or NEWS script, or which there are literally hundreds available. However, I have a couple of things it must be able to do;

1) WYSIWYG submission editor - The people who will be writing the reviews dont even know that websites are made from code...they need a nice url they can type in, copy paste their content and click save. No fuss.

2) Comment system. I want each of their submissions to have its own unique 'comment' panel - nothing too complex.

3) A-Z categorizing. Like I said, this is a film review website, so after they've submitted their story, I would like it to appear on the front page (like any blog, the first 4lines followed by "...Read More", and also be filed away under an 'A-Z' listing category. This could be achieved I think in two ways, either a pull down 'a' 'b' 'c' 'd' etc. system where the poster could simply select the letter, or automatically...whatever's easyer.

4) CSS and PHP template based, with a MYSQL or textfile driven database. I want it to fit right in with my template.

5) Reliable.

Can you guys suggest anything, or point out what could be potentially difficult?

Thanks a lot, and I look forward to hearing from your replies.