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    Unanswered: Looking for a reliable MYSQL blog/news script for a review website

    Hey there everyone. This is my first post on the dBforums and I hope I'm asking in the correct section

    Ok, let me start by saying that I'm not a coder. Not by any stretch of the imagination, I dabbled a bit with this and that, and I have common sense, but thats really about as far as I go.

    For my project, I'm looking to start a 'film review' website. I've designed my template, got a working PHP search working and im now looking to setup a content management system.

    I'm thinking it should be something like a BLOG or NEWS script, or which there are literally hundreds available. However, I have a couple of things it must be able to do;

    1) WYSIWYG submission editor - The people who will be writing the reviews dont even know that websites are made from code...they need a nice url they can type in, copy paste their content and click save. No fuss.

    2) Comment system. I want each of their submissions to have its own unique 'comment' panel - nothing too complex.

    3) A-Z categorizing. Like I said, this is a film review website, so after they've submitted their story, I would like it to appear on the front page (like any blog, the first 4lines followed by "...Read More", and also be filed away under an 'A-Z' listing category. This could be achieved I think in two ways, either a pull down 'a' 'b' 'c' 'd' etc. system where the poster could simply select the letter, or automatically...whatever's easyer.

    4) CSS and PHP template based, with a MYSQL or textfile driven database. I want it to fit right in with my template.

    5) Reliable.

    Can you guys suggest anything, or point out what could be potentially difficult?

    Thanks a lot, and I look forward to hearing from your replies.

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    I can't really do any of that, but you may be interested in this...

    I am no coder either, I am somewhat of a designer, and I too write reviews. I specialize more in the media/art section. I currently bought a website domain for a new Review company I was going to start. It is called "The Review Truck". I think it has a very good, solid name, that is kind of catchy. So anyway, I was wondering if maybe we could kind of make the website together, you could write reviews for films and entertainment, as well as design cool templates for the website, where as I could do all the graphics and media withing the website as well as write reviews. I would do video reviews and that sort of stuff. We could both look for people for the databases and coding. Who knows, maybe it will become popular... And we will get all the benifets! So if you are interested, email me...

    You can visit the website here, The Review Truck- Home
    I scratched up a small template and put some content in there as filler until I get it up and out on the web. I have also set up a small FORUM which you can check out.You will notice that I have manually set up an A|B|C|D etc list (What a #$%@$ that was lol). But mainly I just have the domain, and im looking for help with it, so just tell me if you are interested at all or just want more information!

    Oh ya, and sorry if my spelling or wording was off, I typed a bit fast (I was excited).

    -Ryan Lovett

    (Remember, the website is just sort of a scratch-up, it isnt anything good yet)

    P.s. Sorry for typeing so much, you must be annoyed by now...

    P.s.s The P.s. above made it longer, so that probably mad you even more annoyed lol

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    Hey. Thanks for the offer and the reply, but unfortunatly, I've already designed and coded my own website.

    you can see an image here -

    In the end, I decided to keep things manual - but added my own php search and own php poll.

    Thanks again


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbook
    let me start by saying that I'm not a coder ...
    For my project, I'm looking to start a 'film review' website ...
    Can you guys suggest anything

    I would suggest imdb or rotten tomatoes.

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