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    Unanswered: Dynamic SQL getting truncated

    I have a procedure using dynamic sql to compare the contents of two tables. The code is:
    l_sql := 'create table ' || result_table_name || ' as'||
                   ' SELECT ' || l_field_list ||', COUNT(src32) src32_count, COUNT(src64) src64_count'||
                   ' FROM ('||
                           'SELECT ' || l_field_list ||',1 AS src32, TO_NUMBER(NULL) AS src64'||
                          ' FROM   ' || l_32_tab ||
                          ' UNION ALL'||
                          ' SELECT ' || l_field_list ||',TO_NUMBER(NULL) AS src32, 1 AS src64'||
                          ' FROM   ' || l_64_tab || case when db_link is not null then '@' || db_link
                                                        else ' ' end ||
                           ') GROUP BY ' || l_field_list ||
                   ' HAVING COUNT(src32) <> COUNT(src64)';
    dbms_output.put_line('l_sql length='||length(l_sql));
    execute immediate l_sql;
    I am getting an "ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended" because for some reason the SQL statement if being truncated at 1255 characters even though l_sql is defined as varchar2(32767). Anyone ever encounter a problem like this before?

    Edit to add. This is Oracle 10g ( Enterprise edition.

    Thanks in advance
    Ken Denny
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    >I have a procedure using dynamic sql to compare the contents of two tables
    In my opinion, this is a bad solution to a typical NIH "solution".

    Since in theory, this should work, then logical conclusion is that the code is faulty.
    Keep in mind that the SQL parser throws an error when a blank line occurs within a single SQL statement.

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    Thanks. I discovered the problem. First, the length that dbms_output was reporting was the correct length for the full string but when I output the whole string dbms_output was truncating it at the maximum line length. The execute immediate was getting the full string.

    The problem was l_field_list where some of the column names had aliases. This is not a problem in the "select" portion of the SQL statement but is a problem in the "group by" portion. I need to fix my config table to remove the aliases.

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