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    Unanswered: what are the effects of having a huge table?


    I have a catalogue of items that i want to store in a table. it will be around 10,000 items. If i have several of these tables will it drastically effect the performance of my database? if so what are the possibilities?



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    access tends to get a little bit gutless around the 2gb file size or multi million row level.

    however warning lights start to flash when you say you have several of these tables... that makes me think there is a problem with your table design. I'd expect one table design catering for products, and possibly sub table(s) to differentiate if required. multiple tables for categories suggests the design isn't right
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    I think there is a max file size for Access at about 1.7GB. Once you start nearing a million records in a table in Access, it is well time to consider upsizing. 10,000 records is not a lot though.
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