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    Unanswered: Primary key vs. value in report

    I'm always excited when a nagging problem resolves itself, but tend to lose some of that excitement when another problem pops up. frmVendor has 4 combo boxes. The first 3 allow you to select 3 different vendors. The fourth allows you to select the quantity you want. There is a button that allows you to compare each vendors prices based on quantity. The results are printed in a report. Everything works very well. The problem is in the report. Because no 2 vendors have the same name, the vendor name is the primary key. However, the quantity combo box is based on a table that lists available quantities. The list shows the number, but not the primary key. In the report, the primary key is shown. How do I get it to print the quantity number, not the primary key?

    For example: PK-4, Quantity-20

    This is providing much confusion when presented with the report.

    Any suggestions?

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    Change the Control Source from the field in the report which is showing the primary key to the field which is the quantity value.
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    or phrasing it another way set the grouping to be the product | supplier rather than the supplier. that is assuming you have a product identifier
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