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    Unanswered: SQL server 2000 behaving abnormally


    I have developed a web based application with ASP.Net (VB) and SQL server 2000. Version of .Net framework is 1.1 and .Net SDK is 2002. Everything was running smoothly but offlate the application is behaving abnormally. suddenly a report is not generating but if I generate the same report after sometime or another day the report is generating smoothly. Sometimes it gives java script error. But these errors are not encountered everytime.

    I believe that these errors are encountered because of the growing database and SQLServer is not able to handle the load. At a time more 50 - 75 users will be accessing the application across different location.

    Kindly help.
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    This is not SQL Servers fault. 50 to 75 users is nothing unless your server is a micorwave oven.

    What is the error you are recieving?

    It sounds like you likely experiencing timeouts and the proper remedy for this depends on properly diagnosing the problem.

    Do you know what query is sometimes taking too long?

    Have you looked at the execution plan and the underlying indexing of the tables.

    Or is this some completly irrelevant java script error that has nothing to do with your database? details.....

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    oh and blocking. check for that first.

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