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    Unanswered: OCCI problems on AIX 5.3 / xlC 9.0


    I'm running into the following problem:

    - I'm using occi to query an Oracle database from C++ code.
    - To this end, I need to specify the "-q64" compiler/linker option (for compiling to 64 bits executables), and the "-locci" linker option (to link the occi library.
    - If I'm using both options, then the C++ program below shows erratic behavior. Instead of the text "This should be printed...", it says "printed...".
    - turning of either of the two options (or both) makes the problem disappear.

    Observe that the program below doesn't make any occi calls. The two compiler/linker options mentioned above are not needed for this program, but they are needed for code that does make occi calls. The program below is just a very small program that triggers the error. A more elaborate program, in which I not only initialize std::string data member and query them, but also do some occi calls, crashes ("segmentation fault/core dumped").

    OS: AIX 5.3
    C++ compiler: xlC 9.0
    Oracle: 9.2

    Included below the C++ code and accompanying Makefile that demonstrate the problem.

    Any pointers into the right direction would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    // occi_test.cpp
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    class A {
      A( const std::string arg ) : m_str ( arg ) {}
      std::string getStr() const { return m_str; } 
      std::string m_str;
    int main()
      A a( "This should be printed..." ); 
      std::cout << a.getStr() << '\n';
      return 0;
    // end of occi_test.cpp

    # Makefile
    # commenting either of the two following lines (or both) solves
    # the problem with the test program, but the options are 
    # required for using occi calls.
    Q64 = -q64
    OCCI_LIB = -locci
    CC = xlC
    OCCI_LIB_DIR = -L/mount/appl00001/oracle920/oraserv920/lib
    LDOPTS =  ${Q64} ${OCCI_LIB_DIR} ${OCCI_LIB}
    CCFLAGS = ${Q64} -c
    OBJ = occi_test.o
    occi_test: ${OBJ}
            ${CC} -o occi_test ${LDOPTS} ${OBJ}
    occi_test.o: occi_test.cpp
            ${CC} ${CCFLAGS} occi_test.cpp
    # end of Makefile

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    To follow up on my own post:

    A( const std::string arg ) : m_str ( arg ) {}

    That's a typo; in my actual code, arg is passed by const reference instead of by value (but this doesn't affect the program's symptoms).


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    In case anyone googles for this problem: we solved it by upgrading the Oracle client (including occi) to version 10. Appearantly, it was a binary compatibility issue between the occi libraries and the standard c++ libs.


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    THANKS for the follow up post.
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