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    Unanswered: unable to connect DB2 through ASP Pages


    I am trying to run crystal reports from ASP pages. I have download the sample code. I have make changes accordingly Crystal report version.

    I have installed IIS, CR XI Dev Edition R2 on my pc. I have created System DSN for Sqlserver database and DB2 database. I am able to run report if report is saved with data. But when i try to refresh report .........

    1) If report is using sqlserver data it is getting refresh ( I am not passing any database connection from ASP script )


    2) If report is using DB2 database it gives me error


    Logon failed details [database vendor code -30082]

    When my index page called this report ASP page I pass following DB2 connection but its not working

    dim conn
    Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

    MM_test_STRING = "DSN=TESTRIDS;UID=p102;PWD=380061;"
    conn.Open MM_TEST_STRING

    user p102 has sufficiant access to run report. I can run report through CRXI dev edition using DSN database connection with the same password.

    I also tried as follows using DSN

    MM_test_STRING = "Provider=IBMDADB2.DB2COPY1;User ID=p102;Password=380061;Persist Security Info=True;Data Source=TESTRIDS;Location="";Extended Properties="""

    But now its giving me error as follows
    ADODB.Connection (0x800A0E7A)
    Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.

    I need to connect Db2 database through ASP pages using DSN. I created system DSN with IBM DB2 ODBC Driver.

    Can anyone help me out please?
    Please Help !!!!!!!!!

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