Here's my problem. I have a table that contains order#, manager and lots of other data. I want to filter first by manager, and secondly by sales order. To do this, I created a form that contained my manager. I then created a subform where my only data field was the order number. I linked both of these by manager. The goal is to allow an manager to first select their name, and then select a particular order that is assigned to them. From there, they can view lots of other data assigned to that particular order. Since each manager has their own batch of orders, that change over time, I need the second filter to only show the available jobs for the selected manager (in the format shown in the picture - preferably not a datasheet within a datasheet).

However, when I add my second subform (within the first subform), things go a bit haywire. When I attempt to make my sales order a combo box and convert the first subform from datasheet to continuous I lose the link. In other words, I have to select a rowsource for the combo box, and I then lose my initial manager filter. In other words, I have to select my table where the data for the combo box should come from, and that gives me the entire data set.

If I leave it in the datasheet form, it works, but its a bit of an eyesore the way it filters. Any help on how to code, or change my properties, to keep the manager link?

See the screenshots below for a better picture...hopefully. Sorry about the picture size, the jpg didn't show as clear as I wanted. Thanks as always!!


This is what I'm trying to avoid.....