SecureDongle X Software Protection

SecureDongle X is built based on the most cost effective secure EEPROM together simple Plug & Play HID USB platform that is Xtremely simple to implement, even a new dongle user can master it within very little learning effort. It does not offer many of the advanced software protection methods but it can be the perfect choice for mass software developers who want simple protection with low budget.

- Human Interface Device
Simple Plug & Play driverless USB dongle as long as your USB thumb drive can work on one computer system, so does SecureDongle X.

- Changeable Password
SecureDongle X come with 32-bit UID (i.e. Password to access the dongle) that can be regenerated with the provided Initialization tool with upto 64-byte Seed Code (i.e. the secret that the dongle owner keep in order to generate his/her UID).

- Large Memory
SecureDongle X built in 2,560 bytes (i.e. divided into five blocks of 512 bytes each) internal memory which can be used as external table for some licensing data.

- Enhanced Security
To add on extra security, SecureDongle X is built in support for 2048-bit RSA encryption to make sure data store inside the internal memory can be securely protected.

- Unique Identifier
Each SecureDongle X comes with a 32-bit Hardware ID of which is globally unique identifier that is burnt into the One-Time-Write-Only chip, even the manufacturer cannot change it.

- Comprehensive Software Development Kit
SecureDongle X comes with comprehensive yet developer friendly SDK, even a fresh dongle user can master it within very minimum learning time.

SecureDongle X Provide Data Processing Protection
Provide protection for any data processing in any database module.

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About SecureMetric Technology

SecureMetric Technology is a multinationals based technology driven company focusing on niche Electronic and Digital Security sector. SecureMetric Technology focus on Software Licensing Protection, 2 Factor Authentication, One Time Password Security and Enterprise Digital Security Solution.