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Thread: Hi there all.

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    Hi there all.


    I am from London, England and have made some pretty good databases with Excel for football stats.

    I prefer the flexibility of the excel spreadsheet functions that allow me to compile info on players and teams etc.

    Now i need to turn these Excel files in the Access DBs and build a front end using VB6.

    Any assistance is welcomed.

    I ideally like to have my DBs look like Nigel Thomas' LTrack freeware.


    Which I think is the best DB system about. Sadly it only covers one season at a time, where as I would like to be able to compile a clubs entire results and players in my DBs. Nigel's LTrack is great that it can open different files at a time allowing the user to keep recoreds or more tham one season or team.

    Well that's me ... not much I know and a little football mad I am afraid

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    Welcome to QC introduction thread. If your a new member and would like to say hello along with telling us a bit about yourself, please post here. Everyone is encouraged to welcome our new member, and make them feel at home.

    Please make your replies brief and on topic to our new members only.

    I will go first...

    My name is Allan.
    I am 20 yrs old female from United Kingdom.
    I am studying Life Science in the Uni.

    Added by Admin:Also everyone please include a brief note on how you found us and joined this forum.

    Happy Posting!

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    How charming of you to pose as an administrator here Allan.
    I think your grand total of two posts gives your terrible secret away.
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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