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    Unanswered: Access Connectivity Issue

    i have an access data base which is designed to hold information in relation to a network.I have a field called operational in my table which ranges in value from 0-1 , 1 is for operational 0 is for offline.
    I was wondering if a program outside of access could communicate with my db in order to change this value .
    The procedure the other program would use is to ping the ip addresses this is not the problem the problem is gettin this program to communicate with my access db in-order to change the value ?? does such a program exist or could it be coded. if so what language would it be complicated ??

    **Feel free to email if you need more info or think you can offer a solution

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    Any program or programming language that can use DAO, ADO or ADO.Net (directly or through ODBC) could do it.

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