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    Unanswered: How to bring up a record using values from 2 combo boxes

    Can someone help me put together this small VB sub. I need a way that once I click a button, a form will find a specific record using two values from two different combo boxes.

    The source of the form is tblSrvRspns. This table includes the fields RspnsID, SrvID and URN. My two combo boxes are cboSrvID and cboURN. They are used to choose the SrvID and URN values desired.

    What can I do to make the form go to the particular record using the unique RspnsID once the command button has been pressed. I know I will be using the OnClick event but don't know what function to use. I have used FindRecord before but only when searching for one value. Is it possible to use it to search for two or is there another way of doing this?


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