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    Unanswered: Log Shipping Restore Failures - OS error, the trail's gone dead


    I've finally got to a point with our ten log shipping processes running in 15 minute cycles where the contention issues we were suffering from have stopped.

    Every day a different restore job will fail causing the log shipping for that DB to go out of sync and fail. The SQL logs do not give any clues however on the servers application event viewer the initial faliures are registered always with the same two application error events for SQLServer in this order:

    udopen: Operating system error 32(error not found) during the creation / opening of physical device d:\MSSQL\logs\DB_NAME_log.ldf


    FCB::Open failed:Could not open device d:\MSSQL\logs\DB_NAME_log.ldf for virtual device number (VDN) 2.

    Ok so it can't open the file which accounts for the restore failure. Does anyone know how I can carry on the trail from here?



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    Should anyone else experience the above issue It appears to have been resolved by excluding the log files in question from virus scans.

    This was just the first on my list of potential users of the file that could be locking my log shipping procedures out so I guess I got lucky.



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    Red face it does'nt work that anti-virus exclude sql data folder

    i had a same case a several month ago
    , so i did exclude sql data folders on anti-virus program's real-time scanning.

    but today the case is arisen again!
    log restore is failed becase sql server cannot access a .ndf file....

    i fortunately successed restoring the database again by restarting the sql instance...

    what is the problem exactly?
    is there anyone who knows?

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