Hi all!

I'm having trouble trying to connect to an embedded Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database (from Symantec Endpoint Protection Software), using the provided tool DBISQLC.EXE. After I introduce all the correct data (username, password, and database file) I get the error : Unable to start database server.

The user account I use is the user account used during installation and configuration and it is a member of the Domain Admins for the Domain and the server. I found on this forum that It *might* be due to permissions but I don't know what kind of permissions I must set on the files or program in order to connect to the database. The database is running fine and the password/username are correct (since the Symanted Enpoint Protection software can succesfully connect and use the database for its internal data storage, and you can connect to the database throught the symantec front end).

The system is a Windows 2003 Server SP1 32Bit Server.

I appreciate any help!!