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    Unanswered: input data in query form

    hello this is my first post, i have a problem since I want to input data through a query form, but the text box does not allow me to do so. I have multiple tables linked to an item master table, and one separate table has only 2 columns 1 is the item number another open field for comments, what do i need to do in order to input text to this field in the form?

    thanks hopefully someone can understand what i need and can help.

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    some more details

    here are snapshots of query and table links and also the form where i need to input data... sorry for the newbie question... im just starting to learn access.
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    What you would have to do is either (a) unbind the text box and have a save / update button that writes to the correct record in the correct table using VBA or (b) relate the tables in your query in such a way as to allow that field in that table to be editable. You won't get that with outer joins.

    Mind you, I actually suspect that this falls under the heading of "design fault" more than anything. I believe you may have multiple errors in your table design and this is the main reason for your current problem.
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