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    Unanswered: Comparing Answers From Databases


    My apologies if I've posted this into the wrong section.

    I'm currently doing an instant messaging project which requires the use of a database. For this project I'm using MSSQL Express 2005 (if i'm not wrong)

    I'm doing some sort of a quiz-like chatting system, where a lecturer gives a question and a student answers. For the picture above, lahpis would be the lecturer and 0700211Q would be the student answering the question. All these are in plain text.

    I have a table called quizanswers which has the answers for the quiz in the database. It has (quizid,questionid,answer).

    I was wondering if it's possible to compare value the answer a student types to the correct answer in the database.

    I hope I phrased my question correctly. If there's more information I need to add, please let me know and I see if i'm able to include anymore details.
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