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    Unanswered: Please help me quickly with this form

    I have two tables that I keep track product sales. Firs table [TblProduct] has these fields. ProdID, ProdName, ProdDate, ProdPrice. and ProdID is the key. The second table [TblProdSales] is where I enter product sales and it has these fields. SaleDate, ProdID, ProdQty, ProdPrice. Also I use form to enter product sales and the form has these fields. SaleDate, ProdID, ProdQty and ProdPrice. ProdPrice in the form I'm using Dlookup and here is where I have the problem =Dlookup("[ProdPrice]","TblProduct","ProdID="&[ProdID]).

    Here is the problem the field ProdPrice some times I'm getting the right price and sometimes it is coming error, also if I enter wrong product and i go up to change the product id the price is not changing. Please note I'm using continuous form if it makes different. Thanks

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    Why do you use DLookup for retrieving the price? It would be easier to build a query that would include the ProdPrice column and base your form on that query as its recordsource.

    If you want to use Dlookup you have to check for Null values both in ProdID and in what DLookup returns. e.g.,
    RetValue = Nz(DLookup("ProdPrice","TblProduct","ProdID="&ProdID), <ErrorValue>)
    If IsNull(DLookup("ProdPrice","TblProduct","ProdID="&ProdID)) Then ' Error
    Have a nice day!

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    Too true, but still the DLookup method should work... albeit slowly.
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    You can also use a combobox to display this info and set it up to show the value needed with criteria in the rowsource query of the combobox to match whatever value it needs to match (or fall between) on the form. Then set the sourceobject = [OtherFieldName]. You'd want to lock this combobox field. It's a different way of doing versus the dlookup but the drawback is that you have to put a cover box over the dropdown part of combobox (or it looks sort of ugly.)

    But I personally usually like ST's method with the dlookup providing the recordset doesn't get into the 100,000's (as ST mentioned where every dlookup will take time to calculate longer and longer as more records are added.)
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