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    Unanswered: Unable to connect to the database

    Can you help me on this issue please?

    DB2 Ver 8.2 FP 12
    Windows 2003.

    I have switched the HADR role to the Standyby server as Primary successfully. But i can not connect to the database.
    I issued the following command and getting the error as USER ID/PASSWORD Invalid or Resticted.

    db2 connec to sample user username using password.

    I have checked the user id on domain and it has been setup as local account and it is not locked. Even I can logon to the windows using the same account.

    I have stopped and restarted DB2. But still getting same message.

    Please post your comments.
    Thanks, gunas.

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    The sentence is a little confusing. Did you say you did a graceful takeover on the standby and the standby because primary. When you do db2pd -db $DBNAME -hadr it says 'Primary' as the role, and now if you issue a connect you are not able to connect.

    What privileges does the user id have ?
    What is the DB state, is it active ?

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    have you defined the alternate server - you should always connect what is the regular primary and define on both machines an alternate
    client has todo 1 connect to receive this alternate info
    list db directory show detail
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