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    Unanswered: User and Group Permissions question

    Hi, trying to set up user group permissions so the users of my DB can only access certain things. Ive got this all going fine, however ideally I want 3 groups, top level all access (admin) for myself (which i have set up fine), a group for a select few to access certain features, and a third group with very limited access.

    Herein lies my problem. I set up a new third group in 'User and Group accounts' and marked up the users into their relevent 'member of' groupings. However, I notice Access wont let you remove the group 'users' from anyones 'member of', and when I add the user to the more restricted group I created, when testing it seems the users access defaults to 'Users' permissions.

    Anyone know what im doing wrong?


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    You have to remove all permissions for the users group. Select all tables, queries ect and remove the permissions. Or use the user level security wizard and when asked if you want to give permissions to the users group, select no.

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