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    I am unable to execute this command in db2 database.I have shutdown db2 database.

    ndflbwd:db2bwd 10% db2stop force
    05/20/2009 18:11:08 0 0 SQL1032N No start database manager
    command was issued.
    SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019

    db2dart BWD /DB

    Warning: The database state is not consistent.

    Warning: Errors reported about reorg rows may be due to the
    inconsistent state of the database


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    manikandank 1984, try to run RESTART DATABASE database-name.

    It is possible that the DB2STOP FORCE caused the inconsistent state and DB2 needs to do a crash recovery.

    (You can see the message in DB2DIAG.LOG if it does).

    Once that completes, try DB2STOP (without force) and then DB2DART and see what happens.

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