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    Unanswered: Simple Date Query Not So Simple

    I'm fairly new to SQL and to this point my experience is mostly limited to Access. However, I'm trying to create a pass through query to a DB2 table and I'm having all kinds of headaches trying to set it up.

    The query is very simple:

    SELECT *
    WHERE REQT_TMSP > '2006-01-01'
    The REQT_TMSP field is a time stamp of when that request record was added to the table and when I view the table the format is:

    MM/DD/YYYY 00:00:00 AM/PM

    I've tried a ton of stuff to get this query to work but I keep getting syntax related errors. There is probably something very basic that I am missing but I can't seem to figure it out and I'm not finding much in Google that's helping.

    Any ideas?

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    icurschwarz, the timestamp format in DB2 is:

    (The last 6 digits are the micro seconds).

    There are a few ways to fix your query.

    WHERE REQT_TMSP > TIMESTAMP('2006-01-01', '24.00.00')
    WHERE REQT_TMSP > '2006-01-01-'
    (I don't recommend the next one if REQT_TMSP is indexed or could be indexed.)
    WHERE DATE(REQT_TMSP) > '2006-01-01'

    Where are you viewing the result that shows the AM/PM in the Timestamp?

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    Don't mix up TIMESTAMP, DATE, and TIME values. They serve different purposes and cannot directly be compared (for good reasons).
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    IBM Germany Research & Development

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    Thanks guys. That was what I needed.

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