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    Unanswered: dropping products with 0

    I'm new to crystal reports and I'm trying to help a colleague. They are using crystal reports to generate reports from their data in accpac/sql.

    They are running an inventory report, which lists several different quantities for each product. For example, warehouse A has 1000, warehouse B has 0, shipment in progress 2250, etc.

    Right now the report returns every product they have. They want me to modify it, so that an item does not show up on the report if it has 0 in quantity for several different colums. So if columns A, B, and C have 0, completely remove the item from the report.

    Is there any easy way to do this? I could probably write something in excel but they want it done in Crystal reports if possible.

    Thank you in advance to anyone that might be able to help.

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    Make a calculated field that adds all the colums together - something like "ColumnA+ColumnB+ColumnC" if they're all numerical fields - and use that new field as the criteria for selecting records to appear on the report.

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    Select the colums for whichyou wanted to suppress whn zero.
    right click-->Format Field-->Common tab-->Suppress (formula).
    {fiels}=0. similarly do it for all the rest of the columns.

    Finally if you wanted to suppress the whole record then select Section Expert-->suppress-->field1+field2+field3..=0
    this will suppress the entire row(record).

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