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    Design questions.

    Hi. I am creating a database for my project currently. I've identified my attributes & im moving to normalizing my database.

    my question is, when i start normalizing, should the relation contain all the attributes that i've identified or should i normalize them by table.

    Sorry if i've posted in the wrong section. Many Thanks.

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    Do whatever makes sense to you. If you were a normalising robot you would put all the attributes you have identified into one enormous unnormalised relation, and then apply normalisation iteratively until you have a set of normalised relations; in reality one applies common sense to put attributes in a sensible set of relations in the first place, and then ensures that no normalisation rules have been violated.

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    If you want a formal process then you can start by identifying the dependencies and putting all attributes that have common determinants into the same relations.

    Less formally, start with the most "obvious" things based on an understanding of the problem domain and then refine the model from there.

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