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    Unanswered: Changing default DB2 BLOB field size

    I am trying to find how to change the default BLOB field size in DB2. I have encountered an instance that is defaulting to 1000M and I need to set it back to 1M. I thought that we could simply specify a length for the BLOB columns that we are creating. However, we are using generated SQL for creating tables, and we cannot modify that code. Hence, we are at the mercy of the default BLOB size. Also, does anyone know how to query DB2 to find what the default BLOB field size is? After searching the pubs, I have resorted to simply creating a table and observing the results.

    We are using the latest version of DB2 UDB for Windows.
    Any help would certainly be appreciated.

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    Did you try the SQL Reference (Vol 2 ) manual under Create Table?

    The default is 1 M or 1000 K or 1,048,576 bytes.
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    Thanks. After additional searching, we discovered that it was Oracle's filtering code which converted BLOB into BLOB(1000M) not DB2.

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