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    Unanswered: Requery field in subform

    I've got a form (frmTimeCard) with a subform (frmTimeCardSubform) attached to it. On frmTimeCard, there is a button that allows the user to add a new project number. It bring up a modal form (frmProjects) in Add view. Everythign works fine except the requery. If I don't have any control filled in on the main form or subform, then the drop down in the subform for projects shows the new project number. If I have the controls filled in, it doesn't show the new project number. The subform is in datasheet view, my code is listed below. If someone could help me figure out how to get the updated projects list to show in the drop down, that'd be perfect.

    Private Sub Form_Close()
    Forms!frmTimeCard![Time Card Subform].Form.Requery
    End Sub
    P.S.-frmProjects writes back to tblProjects which is where my drop down pulls it's list from.

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    DoCmd.Save is not right.

    DoCmd****nCommand accmdSaveRecord is what you would use to save the data. I think your command saves the form design.

    FFS. Noob forum

    Replace those asterisks with DOT R U.... it should read DoCmd<dot>RunCommand. I think the noob admins are trying to filter out links to russian pages, but they suck at coding and let such things attack member postings :BangHeadOnWall:
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