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    Unanswered: How to download and install a 10.2 odbc driver ...

    ... when you work on a 10.1 Oracle10g release?

    Hi everyone,

    I hold a 10.1 release of Oracle 10g (release2) in my company and one of the software provider ask for an updated 10.2 ODBC driver on a computer (but he doesn't have any requirement about the database itself).

    I saw this driver reachable here
    Oracle ODBC Drivers

    but of course , you can install it only with the 10.2 OUI ...

    As a odbc driver is backwardly compatible with the previous release, is it possible to keep the Oracle 10.1 system and only install a 10.2 odbc driver on only one work station.

    so, "is it possible" and how ?

    thanks for your help,
    see you again on the web.

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    Download the 10.2 client. Click "Custom Install" when the option comes up.
    Once you see all the products, uncheck everything and scroll down and checkmark the ODBC section. Click install.

    Oracle Database Software Downloads
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