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    Unanswered: report page numbering

    Hi! Here's one to ponder over the holiday weekend...

    I have a report that is grouped by policy #. The group footer has several subreports linked to the main report by policy #. Prior to the subreports (in the group footer) is a 'table of contents' that's hardcoded to page numbers relating to each section (i.e. subreport.) This has worked in the past as they were always one page each, however now some of the subreport occasionally wrap to a 2nd page, so the TOC is incorrect.

    I think the answer to this is 'NO' but I'll ask anyway. Is there a way to set the page numbering as the report is formatted? I think not, since the TOC precedes the actual page.

    TIA and have a great holiday,

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    I've never used this, so no warranties expressed or implied, but by the description it may do what you want:

    ACC2000: How to Create a Table of Contents or Index for a Report

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    Thanks, Pbaldy. I already saw that KB solution, but it doesn't fit my scenario. Their idea is clever, but they want to print the TOC after the main report as a separate report. I need to have it embedded at the beginning of the same report.

    I tried putting a textbox with Report.Page after the page break in the section (i.e. inthe area that becomes either page 4 or 5) and then referencing it back at the TOC. But that doesn't work.

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