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    Unanswered: SIN validation

    Can anyone tell me how to write a SIN validation code to ensure valid SIN number entry?

    First 8 digits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Double the even digits: 4 8 12 16
    Cross-add each digit: 4+8+1+2+1+6=22
    Add the odd digist: 1+3+5+7=16
    Add the results of each: 22+16=38
    Subtract this number from the next highest multiple of 10: 40-38=2

    2 should be the 9th digit. If it doesn't match, then it is an invalid SIN.

    So how do I write this into VBA?

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    I would create a public function that accepted the number as input, and returned a boolean (true or false). Do your various validations and math and return true/false as appropriate. I suspect you'll make good use of the Mid() function, as well as some others, plus some variables. Here's a primer on functions if you need it:

    Function how-to

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    What in the world is SIN referring to here?
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