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    Unanswered: Tax and price class updates in a db


    I have a database that manages highway traffic (it's a project for one of my classes).

    I need to have information on clients, their trips in my highway system, how much they have to pay.. etc...

    However i want to future proof my db. Imagine that the tax that i have to deal with is updated every year (or even randomly) how can i change the its value in the database without altering my previous records??

    big hug to all of u... thanks for the help!

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    Is this a requirement of the project or something you've decided to throw in yourself? If the latter, I wouldn't bother.

    However if you do decide to do this then we can point you in a direction or two but we don't give answers here - you have to do the grunt work.
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    just need to go in the right direction

    I know that you don't work for other people, i don't want that anyway..

    It's a request and a goal that I've put to myself.

    I have a table with the fields: "Date In" "Date Out" and "Tax":
    "Date In" refers to the date that the new tax percentage is activated by the government, and "date Out" is the last day that the tax is in place.
    "Tax" is the percentage that is applied to my transaction.

    Is there a specific function I can use? or do i have to use a complex Iif function?

    any help is appreciated...

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    Depending on how/when/where you need the value, you can use a DLookup, a recordset, or join that table to another to get the rate applicable to a given date.

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