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    Hi all,

    I have some requirements and I'm debating between a SQL database or Access:

    • Contact database
    • Online accessible
    • Password protected
    • Non-downloadable
    • Split into categories (e.g. tech, life sciences, pharma)
    • Searchable by names or categories
    • Need to be able to cut off client access should they cancel their contract
    • Preferably only one contact’s full details viewable at a time
    • Preferably iPhone-compatible at some point in the near future

    I've posted on the site before and the last person referred me to another forum and said I was looking for an application but after talking to a very knowledgeable coworker at TANDBERG he suggested either SQL or Access. Now I'm just debating between the two unless anyone has a better (specific application) suggestion. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Any of the SQL flavors should be able to handle this nicely.

    As long as your users will always have connectivity (which is not a "gimme" in most cases) I'd build your application as a web site. That way you can control the presentation, the data management, etc.

    You can use the Microsoft platform with Windows Server, SQL Server, and ASP.NET for development. This gives you "one stop shopping" for development tools, support, and deployment options. If you stay with the latest releases, this is relatively painless and quick to develop and deploy.

    You could also use the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and either Perl or PHP) platform too. This uses Open Source software so there is little or no up front cost, is widely available and can be just as secure as the Microsoft platform (but it takes more work and expertise on your part to get and stay secure).

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