I have been struggling how to approach this and I'm not having luck. I have table I keep track phone cards Inventory and another table to keep track phone card sales and here are the fields.

TblInventory has these fields (CardName, BookNumber, BookSerialNo, QtyinBook, Active) Serial number is the key and active is yes/no and some books has 50 cards and others has 100 or 200 each book number starts 1 to 50 or 100 and so on.

TblSales has these fields (SaleDate, BookNumber, BookSerialNo, CardEndNo)

I want to create form that I can enter each day's ending numebrs but I want to be able to see all books that active and previous day's ending card number and I want to be able to enter today's date and the card ending number for example below.
05/20/09 12345 05599 20
05/20/09 12999 05878 30
05/20/09 12789 05874 40
I want to see the information above in the form so I can enter this information below
05/21/09 12345 05599 35
05/21/09 12999 05878 45
05/21/09 12789 05874 55

Is this possible.