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    Unanswered: sql loader warnings

    Dear All,

    is there a option with sql loader to ignore it's warnings (ret code is 2) ??


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    Which warnings are you getting?
    Additionaly you can set IGNORE parameter to Y

    From documentation:
    If IGNORE=Y, object creation errors are ignored, and records are inserted into the table. Duplicate records can result, if no unique constraints exist for the table. Non-object creation errors are still reported, such as operating system problems.

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    Cool !Errors....

    What warnings?
    You actually need to check out these "warnings" because they may be discarded or bad records which did not load into the database and you need to fix.

    To process the entire file and ignore these ERROR messages, specify "ERRORS=9999999" parameter in the command line or "OPTIONS(ERRORS=9999999)" in the control file, where 9999999 is the maximum number of errors allowed.
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    IGNORE is for import. not sqlloader. You want the SILENT option. below is from the manual.

    SILENT = [( ]keyword [,keyword... ] [ )]Allows you to suppress various header and feedback messages that SQL*Loader normally displays during a load session. Table 1-2 describes the effect of each of the keywords. Table 1-2: Keywords for Use with the SILENT Parameter Keyword
    Is the same as specifying all the other keywords.
    Suppresses the message that is normally written to the log file each time a record is discarded.
    Suppresses the error messages that are normally written to the log file when a record generates an Oracle error.
    Suppresses the "commit point reached" messages that are normally
    displayed each time SQL*Loader executes a commit or a save.
    Suppresses the messages that SQL*Loader displays on the screen when you first launch the executable. Note, however, that the header
    messages are always written to the log file.
    Suppresses the per-partition statistics that are normally written to the log file when doing a direct path load of a partitioned table.

    There are two ways you can specify values for the SILENT parameter. If you have only one keyword, you can supply it following the equals sign (=), as follows: SILENT = ALL
    If you have several keywords to use, you can place them in a comma-delimited list. You may optionally place that list inside parentheses. For example: SILENT = (DISCARDS,ERRORS)
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