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    Cool Unanswered: Connectivity Issue.

    Hello. First off, one of my difficulties lie in connecting to MySql via Sequel Pro(formally cocoa sql) I am running on a Mac OS X 10.4, (Client- Sequel Pro), (Server- MySQl 4.1.22)

    When I try to connect to MySql, I login in as "localhost" via Sequel Pro; however, after I execute the query, I get error messages, either for the syntax or for denied
    access by the "localhost".

    Also, if you could suggest some simple step by step queries to help me get going in the right direction.

    Please let me know your suggestions regarding if I need different versions of the software, or if i should use a completely different client or server, being a beginner. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Could you show us the actual errors?

    This could be a number of things. The errors would save us a lot of guesswork

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