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    Unanswered: Random disconnects of clients over the internet (server 8.3, JDBC clients)

    Hi All,

    I have a networking problem between my desktop application and PostgreSQL 8.3.

    The application works perfectly if the database server is on the local network, we never see disconnects. They practically never happen.

    If the database server is on the internet, we experience random disconnects. It makes the application almost unusable because it needs a complete restart. In application/session recovery would be quite hard to implement, so we are stuck.

    The server is not loaded, its processor load factor is mostly < 0.4. The connection limit (set to 100 currently) is not even approached (mostly below 20). Memory load is also ~20%, plenty of free memory on the database server.

    Does anyone know a solution to this? How to make PostgreSQL connections stable over the internet? Are there some connection settings for this?


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    How are you connecting to the database? And, what application programming language are you using?

    extending the driver timeout may help.
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    I am using JDBC on the client side.

    What kind of timeout is this and how to set it?

    I know about the statement_timeout but that is for a different thing.

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