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    I am trying to create a form for my db users to operate some maintenance tools and to run some reports.
    Ideally I would like to create a kind of "frame" with a back and exit button at the bottom of the screen and the company logo at the top which is always going to remain "static". The actual buttons and maintenance tools are supposed to appear in the centre of the screen. I thought I create a mainform and a large number fo subforms all of which appear in the mainform depending on what buttons have been pressed.

    Is this how it would work in Access or am I overcomplicating it and should just stick to the putting the company logo on every "page" I am creating? I am also planning to create an input form for the users to manipulate some tables in my db and I might need to display data from a number of tables on the same screen. Is the "frame" going to cause problems then?


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    Personally, I prefer KISS.
    Just have a "template" form that you copy and paste every time you need a new form (make sure you get your template right in the first place!).
    The last big Access project I did dynamically created, sized and positioned items so I could make changes via some code and parameters, but to be frank you really need to weigh up the return and the investment on that sort of thing.
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