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    Question Unanswered: Why my script is always "stopped" ?

    This is the problem that drives me crazy. I let a script A ( call script B (
    I used
     nohup &>/tmp/log &
    In script A it calls B directly, without any redirecting or nohup or background.

    Script A:
    #do nothing but call B
    ssh another-machine "/user/tom/"
    Script B:
    # do some fancy things, takes about 1 hour to finish
    I used
    nohup &>/tmp/log &
    It was "stopped" after 5 minutes but B was running and B finished correctly.

    Anybody knows why?

    BTW, if I don't use nohup and backgrounding, it's OK. i.e. if I use
    directly. Everything is OK. I am totally confused.

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    Cool Waiting..

    In nohup or background it is 'stopped' waiting for the ssh to complete.

    In foreground, it just 'waits' for a command (v.g break) from terminal input while waiting for ssh to complete.
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