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    Unanswered: oracle data integrator

    I have installed ODI after this when i start demo environment
    it gives error
    JDK required ur using JRE.
    I ahve installed JDK
    but still it is giving error
    wt is the solution.
    should i set some path for java
    how to load source database and target database
    and how to do replication

    plz help me

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    says you can ignore this error?

    Does the application start up after you see this error?


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    thanks for ur reply
    my query is -
    1) I have installed ODI and practice the exercise i.e ---Getting Started with an ETL Project. Tha data was already loaded in orders application i.e source database in this case. I put constraint of age and in target dtabase we got the filtered data that satisfies the age check.
    Similarly i created package, interface and did all the exercise step by step successfully.
    2) Now I have my oracle database and similarly in one of schema i want to do put some constraint and want to see that constraint 's result be reflected in target database.
    But my query is how to load my schema in source database through designer
    and also target database

    Plz reply me in easy steps.
    Thanks in advance.


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