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    Unanswered: Basic Access help

    I am trying to design a database that is more complex than my minimal Access skills can achieve. Would someone mind helping me?

    I have the following tables: Document Details; Locations; Location specifics. I have created a form that allows multiple locations to be listed for each document but I am stuck on how to then have multiple options for the location specifics for each location (in each document). (To have the multiple locations per document I made a table with the document and location autonumber primary keys and then made a subform.)

    I have a client who manages 7 similar locations. They have a huge number of documents describing their operations. Some information within a document is applicable to all locations; some specific to select locations. (We're talking about environmental and safety procedures, risks, value, rules etc.)

    I have to produce an overarching document that describes the lot pulls it all together if you like.

    I would like to be able to querie the database for all documents with content pertaining to location X; get a list of documents that contain Y regardless of location; look up an individual document and know that it contains Y about location X, and A about location B.

    Hope that makes sense and is sufficient information to get some direction??


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    I might suggest looking at the Northwind database that comes with MSAccess. I think it will help you understand relationships which is something you'll need to first setup in order to get started with multiple records related to 1 or more specific records.

    Other than that, it's difficult to help you without more info or an mdb to look at (actually less overall info and perhaps info more specific to a problem - ie. I'm relating table X to table Y and want to make it a 1-to-Many or many-to-many relationship...). If you can get something started and then upload it, we can also help on specific problems (or even a relational diagram would be extremely helpful.)

    What you're currently asking sounds like an in-depth relational setup which is difficult (and time-consuming) for us to produce given your current requirements in your post (and no diagram on the current structure.) If you need help on the structure itself to see if it'll produce the query results, show us what you have setup so far (for tables and relationships) and we can go from there.
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