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    Unanswered: MS Access simple query has repeating records

    Hi All,

    I'm testing things out here and ran into a rather odd problem.

    When I run a simple query, the first record shows up once, the second record shows up twice, the third record shows up three times... well you see the pattern here.

    Anybody seen this before?

    Please make it stop!

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    Derek, If you could post your query, it would help to see what you are doing.

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    Wow!! Nice job! I'd have no idea how to get a query to do that!!
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    All I did was use the Query Wizard (Simple).


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    ...and the sql you are using is
    I'm betting you haven't properly defined the relationships or there is anohter issue to do with the join/where clause

    to show the sql.....
    open the query designer
    select the sql view.... (its usually the second row of buttons, far left of menu bar).
    copy and paste the sql here and I reckon some of the SQL know it all's will be able to help pretty quickly
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    Do ALL the fields for the specific duplicated records in the query have the same values for EVERY record which is duplicated?

    Have you tried editing the properties of the query and setting the Unique Records property to Yes? (and removing any fields which would cause the record to show twice - ie. John Jone's duplicated records have different values for Field X.)

    There's many reasons records would be duplicated. If you post your SQL statement it will help show why.
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    need help

    Hello all,

    I'm basheer, creating a database for cash payment. I created a query which shows repeated value.

    I created a query with two different fields, from each field there is a payment date and sum of payment.

    when I left joint 2 tables on customer name, I see there are some values repeated. for reference please review the attachment.

    I want the repeated values to show only one time.

    Please help me if any one can resolve this problem....
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